The Whisky-Tasting – Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar


A Celtic Fingerstyle tune I composed, inspired by a whisky-tasting seminar.


This is a tune I wrote a few years ago, after experiencing a delightful whisky-tasting seminar in the hotel Polar-Stern in Kühlungsborn, Germany. This piece is a musical depiction of that event: first the strong Scottish elements (kilts, tartans etc ..) then secondly the melody in the bass, which is the proprietor – Albrecht Kurbjuhn – explaining things to us, and thirdly the very pronounced legato section, which is the wonderful whisky being poured, taken to one’s lips, moving from the mouth down the throat –  all moments to be savoured! After that the Scottish-flavoured sense of well-being comes back with the first theme, and the whole process starts again for the next whisky!

This piece is on my album “Swirling Sands” (Acoustic Music Records) with additional musical help (check it out), but this video is a pure solo fingerstyle-guitar version, and I’m very grateful to Marcus Weber of “Finest Whiskies” for looking after us  – even on his day off (a fine gentleman)  – and of course the proprietor Uwe Wagmüller for the generous use of the premises.