Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar – Jig Medley


Irish Jig Medley – tuning DADGAD. Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar.


I’ve put together two of my favourite Irish jigs in this medley. I’ve recorded these before: Brian O’Lynn’s was on my second solo CD (Between the Sighs) and was also more recently a part of another jig medley on the the album “Celtic Guitar Journeys” (with Soïg Siberíl & Dylan Fowler), Banish Misfortune was on my very first solo album “Wolves”, recorded in 1994!

The Tuning is DADGAD – recorded with capo on 4th Fret.

Anyway, here’s a re-worked fresh take on both with a bit of folk-rock thrown in :-). A big thank you to my wonderful partner Kerstin Blodig, not only a fantastic singer and guitarist but a wonderful bodhran-player to boot 🙂

I hope you enjoy it!