The Hen’s March


This is a traditional Orkney fiddle tune arranged for solo Celtic-fingerstyle guitar (tuning DADGAD)


This is a traditional Orkney fiddle tune. It is a “party piece”, a comical tune whereby the fiddler tries to imitate a hen, simulating jerky movements, pecking, squawking etc. I first experienced this tune as played by Dave Swarbrick together with the band Fairport Convention – great fun! In the meantime I’ve heard lots of great fiddle players doing their versions and decided I wanted to try and translate the tune to guitar, trying to get close to some of the bowing techniques used (tuning: DADGAD). This is the result – enjoy!


On a personal note: i have fond memories of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra  – of which my father was a member for many years – playing this tune. the audiences always loved it .-).

arranged by Ian Vance Melrose ©2021 All rights reserved.